Hannah Adams, Middle School Student, Suspended For Red Hair (VIDEO)

Hannah Adams, a 13-year-old student at Riverside Middle School in Greer, S.C., received a week of in-school suspension for coming to class with her hair dyed partially red, FOX Carolina reports.

According to the station, Adams and her friend dyed their hair at the beginning of spring break, but returning with their altered locks violated school policy.

"The middle school's dress code policy states: "Clothing and/or hair should not disrupt the educational process... Non-human hair color is not permitted."

While Adams' mother believes the punishment and possible noting of the incident on her daughter's permanent record are overkill, the Greenville County School District maintains, "rules are rules."

In January, 17-year-old J.T. Gaskins went up against his school's dress code after deciding to grow his hair out for Locks of Love in honor of a family friend who was diagnosed with cancer.

Officials at Madison Academy, where Gaskins attends, ruled that the boy's long locks violated school policy and warrant out-of-school suspension, despite being for a good cause. Even after the punishment was handed down, Gaskin refused to stop growing out his hair for the organization.

Last year, Marshall Junior High student Sheldon Williams was upset after his teacher used a Sharpie pen to fix his hair -- claiming it violated the dress code.

"She said we're not supposed to have two parts, we can only have one," Williams told KSLA TV. "I was kind of mad cause I don't want no sharpie marker in my hair."

According to the station, the school's principal claimed that's how similar violations have been dealt with in the past, but laments not contacting Williams' parents.