Hannah Anderson's Grandmother: It's 'Fitting' Kidnapper James DiMaggio Was Killed

Hannah Anderson's grandmother said she was relieved the teen's kidnapper was killed, as "years of jury trials" wouldn't be necessary.

James Lee DiMaggio, who investigators believe kidnapped 16-year-old Anderson after killing her mother and brother in a house fire on Aug. 3, was shot dead by FBI agents during a rescue operation in the Idaho wilderness over the weekend.

Sara Britt, Hannah's grandmother, told NBC News that the man known to the Andersons as "Uncle Jim" got what was coming to him.

"The way it ended up for both Hannah and Jim. It’s fitting," she said on Sunday. "No one wants to go through years of jury trials and putting Hannah through any of that."

She added: "So, you know, I wouldn’t want to see anyone dead, but it happened."

An Amber Alert was issued after Anderson's kidnapping in San Diego. She was rescued Saturday after horseback riders spotted her and DiMaggio in the Cascade region of Idaho. Authorities swarmed the area and found the two at a campsite, before DiMaggio was shot. It's still unclear what led to the shooting.

The horseback riders told deputies that the pair didn't act like most people do in the wilderness when they see other people.

Anderson "kind of had a scared look on her face when I first come up the trail," said Mike Young, one of the riders. "We didn't know if it was from the horses or what, but then when I turned and talked to him a little bit I just had a gut feeling."

Young alerted police when he arrived at home days later and saw news reports of Anderson's disappearance.

Anderson is reportedly in good health and is undergoing crisis treatment in California. She was reunited with her father on Sunday, USA Today reports.



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