Hannah Anderson: Abductor Made Me Play Russian Roulette

A teenage kidnapping survivor has revealed new details claiming that she was handcuffed, zip-tied and forced by her abductor to play a game of Russian roulette.

Hannah Anderson, 16, told the "Today" show that her kidnapper, James Lee DiMaggio, took out a gun while holding her hostage at his home.

"When it was my turn, I started crying, and like, was freaking out," she said. "And he said, 'Do you want to play?' And I said, 'No.' And I started crying and then he's like, 'Okay.' And he stopped."

Anderson also describes how DiMaggio handcuffed her hands and zip-tied her feet while they were on the run.

"He told me he was going to kidnap me and take me to Idaho, where my intention was just to carry his backpacks to the river," she said. "And that he was gonna live there. And then he'd get me home afterwards."

The complete "Today" Show interview with Anderson airs Thursday morning.

On Tuesday, Valley County Coroner Nathan Hess confirmed that DiMaggio died on Aug. 10 after being struck by six gunshots fired by FBI agents who had been searching for him. The subject of a massive manhunt, DiMaggio suffered multiple wounds to his head, chest and extremities.

Earlier, an autopsy conducted at DiMaggio's California home showed that the suspect murdered Anderson's 8-year-old brother and mother before burning his house down and kidnapping the 16-year-old girl.



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