Hannah Anderson: My Abductor Had A 'Weird Crush' On Me

Kidnapping survivor Hannah Anderson said that even though she considered him "like a second dad," she recalls the "weird crush" held by the man who abducted her.

In an interview airing on the "Today" show, 16-year-old Anderson said that James Lee DiMaggio would act strange when she tried to bring a male friend to his home.

“He’d get really upset that it was a boy. And he told me, he said, ‘It's not that I don't want your friends up here. It's that I don't want to see you kissing your friends or anything like that, because I have a crush on you. Not a crush that, like, feeling a crush as in, like family. Like I care about you,’” Anderson said. “And it kind of seemed really weird.”

Anderson said that after that incident, she tried to keep her distance from the family friend, but on Aug. 3, DiMaggio lured her to his California home and kidnapped her. One week later, FBI agents located DiMaggio and shot him six times. It was later revealed that DiMaggio had murdered Anderson's mother and younger brother.

In the interview, Anderson also said that she believes DiMaggio drugged her with Ambien so that she would be out cold until they arrived in the Idaho wilderness.

Prior to airing the full segment, "Today" revealed that DiMaggio tied up Anderson and forced her to play Russian Roulette with a gun.

"When it was my turn, I started crying, and like, was freaking out," she said. "And he said, 'Do you want to play?' And I said, 'No.' And I started crying and then he's like, 'Okay.' And he stopped."



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