Hannah Giles Explains Pimp And Prostitute Costumes In ACORN Videos

Hannah Giles, the conservative activist who co-starred with James O'Keefe, in a series of videos that embarrassed the community organizing group, ACORN, won accolades for her role in the exposes at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Giles received the "Buckley Award" at XPAC section at CPAC on Friday, which affirmed her status as a young conservative leader.

"This was terrifying at first, being here," said Giles, who was sporting black pumps, a black top, and a black-and-pink miniskirt as she walked through the conference halls. Was she getting used to the attention? "Nope! I don't think I'll ever get used to it."

Weigel later pressed Giles on her wardrobe choice in the now-famous ACORN videos she made with O'Keefe. Weigel asked if the costumes were merely part of a promotional stunt.

"We never claimed that he went in with a pimp costume," said Giles. "That was b-roll. It was purely b-roll. He was a pimp, I was a prostitute, and we were walking in front of government buildings to show how the government was whoring out the American people."

Giles also told Weigel that she's currently working on further journalistic endeavors, but they'll be in print, not on screen.