'Hannibal': Abigail Comes Too Close To Figuring Out The Truth About Hannibal Lecter (VIDEO)

As Will is starting to put the pieces together concerning the identity of the copycat killer on "Hannibal," Dr. Lecter needed to make some moves. Will discerned that the copycat killer hadn't been killed, as they originally thought. He was still out there, and he was trying to outdo the work of the original killers.

Things took a bad turn for Abigal, though, when she started putting the pieces together as well. "How many people have you killed?” she asked Hannibal. Confronting him about this alone? Probably not her smartest move. "Are you going to kill me?” she asked.

“I’m so sorry, Abigail. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you in this life," Hannibal said as the screen went to black.

Screen Crush said, "The liver’s hitting the fan now, isn’t it?” Buddy TV was on the edge of their seat, and can't wait to see what next week's season finale brings. “Hannibal will most likely try to peg Abigail's murder on Will. That could be either easy or difficult to do ... Since Hannibal has been renewed for another season, it's unlikely that Hannibal will be found out. And, even if Will suspects that he's the copycat, Will won't be able to prove it.”

"Hannibal" wraps its first season next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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