Hannibal Buress Hired A ‘Look-Alike’ To Go To 'Spider-Man' Premiere For Him

And the look-alike looks nothing like the comedian.

Hannibal Buress sent his “alter ego” to the Los Angeles premiere of “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

The comedian, who plays a teacher named Coach Wilson in the upcoming Marvel film, put out a call on social media on Wednesday for a “look-alike with solid comedic timing for an event tonight,” per Entertainment Weekly. Buress also said in the now-deleted tweet that the gig paid $500 and requested photos.

Hannibal Buress
Hannibal Buress

And it seems Buress pulled the stunt off. Later in the day, the former “Broad City” actor posted a photo of “Hannibal Buress” on Twitter. And boy, is it not him. 

But if you’re not quite convinced, Buress also posted a link to Entertainment Weekly’s article about the intentional swap and captioned it, “It’s called extreme FOMO.”  

 He also posted a similar sentiment on Instagram: 

The man who went in Buress’ place is named Joe Carroll, according to EW. 

A post shared by Joe Carroll (@iamjoecarroll) on

He describes himself as an author, director and actor from Nashville, currently residing in Los Angeles.

A post shared by Joe Carroll (@iamjoecarroll) on

Buress hasn’t given a reason as to why he couldn’t make the premiere, but maybe he was inspired by his “Spider-Man” role as a teacher, took a cue from students and just wanted to play hooky.

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