'Hannibal' Finale: Will Finally Sees Hannibal For What He Is, But Is It Too Late? (VIDEO)

"Hannibal" reached its season finale, and set the stage for a very tantalizing second season. Will finally started to piece together that it was Dr. Hannibal Lecter who'd been committing the murders that he and Jack had been investigating all season. And that the not-so-good doctor was framing Will for them all along. A frame-job that came to fruition in this finale.

Will's ability to see into the mind of a killer finally let him into Hannibal's mind. "I can see you now," Will told him.

"What do you see?” Hannibal asked.

“You were just ... curious to what I would do," Will said. At that point, though, Jack interrupted their discussion. As Will had a gun pointed at Hannibal, it only furthered the very thorough framing Hannibal had orchestrated. Before he could shoot Hannibal, Jack shot Will.

TVLine was almost overwhelmed with varying thoughts and feelings after this finale. said they loved how it played out. “It was such a lovely subversion of that cliché that it made their encounter at the Hobbs place all the more horrible to watch," they wrote. "I was scared for both men, worried that Hannibal would hurt Will, worried that Will would shoot Hannibal, but I also knew that in either case, because of how well Hannibal had prepared this [meant] Will was doomed.”

The final scene showed Hannibal giving Will a cold smile, with Will behind bars and Hannibal on the outside. Their cat-and-mouse game will continue next season.

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