'Hannibal' Reveals What's Really Wrong With Will (VIDEO)

On the newly-renewed "Hannibal," Will’s delusions were getting worse. He couldn’t keep track of time, and kept winding up in places with no recollection of getting there.

He thought something was wrong with his brain, and went for testing. But Hannibal was involved, so he convinced his colleague Dr. Sutcliffe not to tell Will that the tests revealed brain swelling, and that the symptoms of his neurological condition were only going to get worse. Instead, they convinced Will what he was experiencing was psychological.

Hannibal used the sick misdirection to see how this would affect Will -- like a test subject. But Dr. Sutcliffe got cold feet. That wasn't a problem for Hannibal, though. He just killed him.

The Wall Street Journal says this info about Will could change everything. “This, of course, calls into question much of what we’ve seen through Will’s eyes.”

And BuddyTV wonders if Laurence Fishburne’s character will finally step up to help Will. “Will Jack finally help Will, instead of pushing him to analyze more and more killers?”

"Hannibal" airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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