Hannity Loses It Over ABC News' Michael Flynn Error: 'Journalism Is Dead'

"It's scary. It's real."

Fox News’ Sean Hannity railed against ABC News’ Brian Ross on Monday night after the journalist had to walk back a Michael Flynn report so explosive it briefly drove down stocks.

Hannity seized on the error, which resulted in ABC News issuing a correction late Friday and suspending Ross for four weeks without pay. Ross had reported that Flynn was going to testify that Donald Trump, as a candidate, instructed him to reach out to Russian officials during the presidential campaign. The network later corrected the story to note that Trump instructed Flynn to reach out to Russian officials during the presidential transition, after Trump was elected president.

“It’s scary. It’s real,” Hannity said leading up to news of Ross’s error. “And it proves what we have been saying on this program since ’08: Journalism in America is dead.”

Hannity called ABC News’ decision to suspend Ross “little too little, little too late.” 

Watch the segment in the video above.



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