Hannity Guest Compares Obama Administration Policies To Nazism (VIDEO)


A guest on Sean Hannity's show on Monday night compared Obama administration policies to Nazism.

Ironically, disabled Marine veteran David Hedrick, who attended a town hall held by Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA), was on the show to discuss his anger that the congressman compared unruly town hall protesters to "brown shirts"

So, Hedrick threw out his own charge against the White House, despite the fact that the administration itself has not used such language to describe protesters:

"National Socialism is very much what we see today in this administration, it's a policy almost line for line. It's the same economic policy, it's the same political policy. And so if they want to talk about Nazis, they better be careful about that conversation because they might find that the swastika is on their own arm."

Hannity responded, "OK," and continued to ask Hedrick about his experience at the town hall, where the veteran claims that Baird refused to apologize to him.


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