Sean Hannity Claims Right-Wingers Were Always Super Nice To The Obamas

“Nobody picked on Malia and Sasha... nobody picked on Michelle Obama."

Sean Hannity claims he and other conservative voices never “picked on” former first lady Michelle Obama or her children.

On Thursday, Hannity took to the air to defend White House counselor Kellyanne Conway from a sexist joke made by Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.); a joke that was denounced by people from both the left and right. But while he was on the topic, Hannity also claimed that he and other right-wing media figures were extremely kind to the family of former President Barack Obama.

In comments posted online by Media Matters, Hannity said:

Nobody picked on Malia and Sasha, no conservative that I know of. Nobody picked on Michelle Obama except for the stupid statements, ‘for the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country.’ She inserted herself into the campaign. If she’s going to say something like that then she deserves to be criticized.”

In truth, Hannity and other conservatives repeatedly criticized the former first lady and the Obama children. Last year, he apologized for sharing a fake story on Michelle Obama from Gateway Pundit, a site known for spreading false information. He also complained about the Obama daughters’ spring break trips in 2013, saying taxpayers were funding “their luxurious excursions and much more.”

Hannity has so far been silent on the cost to the taxpayers for travel by the Trump family.

Last year, Hannity offered to charter a plane to send the Obamas to “Canada, Kenya or Indonesia” ― as long as they didn’t come back. In addition, other voices in right-wing media circuit have routinely criticized Obama’s family, with both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck mocking Malia Obama in 2010.

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