Hannity Panel Talks Porn, Which Hannity Claims Never To Have Seen

One of our Media Monitors, Maurice, thought you'd enjoy this edition of the Hannity Show's "Great American Panel," and their discussion of pornography. It is pretty great! It features Sean Hannity, a chirpy Brit who loves pornography, an African-American dude who hates it and thinks it's a tool for making people liberal (if this were true we'd be a nation of Alexander Cockburns by now!), and a brown haired woman, who bravely stakes out the middle ground on this issue, I guess. No, I have no idea who any of these people are, so sue me.

Hannity claims to have never watched pornography, which causes the chirpy Brit to mock him at length, "Not even in college?...I don't believe you!" Seriously, chirpy Brit, I am with you. Hasn't Hannity watched his own network? Or visited a brothel?

I'm actually a little more disturbed by the fact that Hannity doesn't seem to want to answer the question about his virginity directly. "I have two children," is a classic non-denial denial.



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