Sean Hannity Wants Trump To Cancel Press Briefings And Just Tweet His 'Accomplishments'

“Why waste the energy trying to appease people who obviously hate his guts and want to destroy him?"

Fox News host Sean Hannity endorsed President Donald Trump’s threat to end daily press briefings during his Friday show, suggesting the commander in chief should simply “tweet out his accomplishments instead.”

Hannity, a longtime Trump loyalist, highlighted the president’s recent interview with Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro, in which Trump said he might cancel the daily meetings with press secretary Sean Spicer in favor of holding a press conference himself every two weeks.

According to The New York Times, Trump has grown increasingly dissatisfied with Spicer’s performance, while the media uproar around the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey has reportedly led Trump to consider canceling the briefings altogether.

Hannity later fumed: “If the propaganda ‘destroy Trump’ media, if they’re going to smear and slander him and his administration and his family and lie about facts and what he’s done, why bother?”

“Why waste the energy trying to appease people who obviously hate his guts and want to destroy him?” he went on. “And who twist his words and damage him every single day?”

Instead, Hannity said, “every week” Trump should “tweet out all of his accomplishments, going back to day one ― update people daily about what he’s doing and what he’s accomplishing.”

“The president can also take to Twitter,” he added. “He can respond to the barrage of attacks, this ridiculous conspiracy theory about Russia that is being pushed with no evidence.”

Hannity, who acknowledged last year he was more an entertainer than a journalist, has previously called for Trump to “change the traditional relationship” between the media and the White House.

In November, he raged: “Until members of the media come clean about colluding with the Clinton campaign and admit that they knowingly broke every ethical standard that they’re supposed to stand and uphold, they should not have the privilege, they should not have the responsibility of covering the president on behalf of you, the American people.”

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