Hannity Advises Trump To Carry Shutdown 'Through The State Of The Union'

“If they capitulate, the Republicans, the political damage frankly is incalculable."

The federal government’s partial shutdown is already rolling into week three, but Sean Hannity thinks it should continue at least through the end of January.

In his opening monologue Friday, the Fox News host railed against the “hate Trump House of Representatives” and a “radical” new Congress for not obeying President Donald Trump’s demands for border wall funding. The fight to have the measure included in a spending bill has lawmakers so divided that their work came to a screeching halt last month. However, Hannity doesn’t think it’s time for Washington to get back to work just yet.

“My humble advice is the shutdown, as much as an inconvenience some people that work for the government and I hope they get their back pay, it needs to continue straight through the State of the Union and maybe beyond,” he said.

“The State of the Union, the president, he can take his case directly to you, we the people. And while the president should support back pay for those furloughed employees, make no mistake ― no matter what the president does, he must hold firm on this border wall funding from Congress.”

The remark is significant given that Hannity’s comments have influenced Trump in the past, as he is seen as an informal adviser to the president.

Last August, USA Today reported that Trump weighed shutting down the government over border security before the midterm elections, citing Hannity’s advice along with that of right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“You know who thinks it should be before? Rush Limbaugh thinks it should be before the election. You know who else? Sean Hannity. A lot of them,” he said at a Pennsylvania rally that month.

Wielding his influence, Hannity warned Friday that any sign of the GOP backing down on its fight for the money would be devastating.

“If they capitulate, the Republicans, the political damage frankly is incalculable,” he said.

The shutdown has now officially become the third longest in the nation’s history, but there appears to be no end in sight.

On Saturday afternoon, Trump tweeted there was “not much headway made” in talks to reopen the government. Another meeting is set for Sunday.

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