Hans Ulrich Rudel Allegedly Offered Friend's Wife and Daughter To Cannibals

Politician Makes Deal With Cannibal

With friends like these ...

Hans Ulrich Rudel, a Swiss politician and convicted murderer, is now accused of putting out an ad to attract potential cannibals interested in eating his pal's wife and 12-year-old daughter.

The Local reports that Rudel, who co-founded the Embrachertal branch of the Conservative Party, is accused of putting the ad out in 2010 in an effort to get his friend's wife "out of the way" during an ugly divorce.

The ad said the mother and daughter were "keen to meet gentlemen interested in slaughter and dolce who would like to roast us on a spit." "Dolce," as Rudel allegedly told police, was his word for cannibalism.

The Daily Mail reports that Rudel received dozens of responses to the ad, but the person he replied to turned out to be an undercover cop.

"There are a lot of cannibals out there," he said before being sentenced, according to the Mail.

Rudel's trial comes almost exactly one year after The Local previously reported on another Swiss man involved in a cannibal conundrum.

This time, it was a Swiss man who agreed to be eaten by a Slovak cannibal, but the man changed his mind before he could be consumed.

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