Hansen on the Road, Mini Hansen That Is!

He's back. That would be Hansen-the-racehorse. Without the Hansenettes, the blue tail drama or Doc Hansen. What we have is the essence of Hansen-the-racehorse. A Mini Hansen, small yet undiminished. A goodwill Hansen, as it were.

Hansen drinks away the stress of the Derby campaign.

On his first outing on Sunday, he joined a group of retired thoroughbred racehorses learning the a new career at a clinic.

Hansen heads to a clinic in New Hampshire to support his fellow OTTBs

Secretly, he was horrified that there were no plans to visit a breeding shed... but he plays along...

Mini Hansen gathers round at the start of the clinic session

Realizing he must be a role model, Mini Hansen stepped up, jumped a few fences.

...and clears the first fence handily

Mini H admired the Boston skyline, before he returned home to his secret stable, where he awaits a new adventure. Doc thinks it's going to be a race... we shall see!

Hansen surveys the Boston skyline after a long day at the clinic

No Mini Hansens were harmed or endangered in the pursuit of this story. To follow the exploits of Mini Hansen go to minihansen.tumblr.com/

All pictures and captions used with permission of Jen Montfort, the Hansen Whisperer