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Hanukkah Recipe Roundup: Latkes, Sufganiyot, Brisket, Manischewitz Granitas & More


Everyone's Hanukkah traditions vary, but most can agree on the importance of good potato latkes, sufganiyot (fried jelly doughnuts), gelt for all, and kosher wine. Some opt for brisket (the longtime favorite cut of the Jews), blue-sugar-sprinkled butter cookies, the occasional babka, and even borscht.

Covering all these touchstones in approaches both classic and tradition-bending (apricot gelt, manischewitz granitas, anyone?), are the recipes below. If we're missing your favorite approach to one of these classics or a different dish altogether, add it to the slideshow by clicking the 'Add a Slide' button below.

Happy Hanukkah!

Latkes: The World's Best Potatoes

Hanukkah Recipes Roundup

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