The Happiest Job In America Is...

The Happiest Job In America Is...

By: Chad Brooks
Published: 03/27/2014 06:31 AM EDT on BusinessNewsDaily

If you're looking to bring some more joy into your life, find a job in the technology industry.

Technology jobs dominate this year's rankings of the happiest jobs in the United States. Overall, the rankings, compiled by online career community CareerBliss, show the career with the highest happiness ranking is database administrator. Additionally, three other tech jobs — quality-assurance engineer, software developer and program manager — rank in the top 10. The prominent ranking of tech jobs is a new trend this year, said Matt Miller, chief technology officer and co-founder of CareerBliss.

"As we have seen over the years, technology jobs continue to grow in the marketplace and in the interest of individuals looking to make a career move," Miller said. "The influx of these kinds of positions makes sense as the landscape of our world continues to change, and are indicative of individuals' desire to enhance their own knowledge in an industry that offers more and more professional education." [The Best Job for You: How to Find It]

To form the rankings, CareerBliss analyzed more than 25,000 independent company reviews to determine from which jobs people derive the most happiness. Specifically, CareerBliss evaluated the key factors that influence people's happiness at work, including their supervisor and co-workers, the support and rewards they receive, the growth opportunities available to them, the company culture and the way they work and handle their daily tasks.

Here are the 10 happiest jobs in 2014, according to CareerBliss:

  1. Database administrator
  2. Quality-assurance engineer
  3. Executive recruiter
  4. Underwriter
  5. Executive assistant
  6. Software developer
  7. Designer
  8. Program manager
  9. Engineer
  10. Administrative assistant

On the flipside, security officers have the unhappiest job. The research found that people in this position thought their ability to grow within their company and their compensation were both limited.

Here are this year's 10 unhappiest jobs:

  1. Security officer
  2. Bank branch manager
  3. Accountant
  4. Customer service representative
  5. General manager
  6. Sales executive
  7. Technical support representative
  8. Marketing manager
  9. Sales manager
  10. Machine operator

Key reasons employees were unhappy in these positions included a lack of support from their managers, low compensation for the work they did and limited opportunities to grow their career.

"This kind of data can prove valuable in the assessment of current careers, and perhaps help steer individuals in a direction that might be most beneficial to their overall job happiness," Miller said.

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