The 7-Day Happiness Challenge

If you take this seven-day challenge and if you commit yourself to doing all of these things without cheating, not only you will know what makes happy people happy, but at the end of the challenge, you might also experience that happiness for yourself.
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If you ever wonder what are some of the things happy people do differently and what are some of their secrets and tools for achieving a long-lasting happiness, then here is the answer.

If you take this seven-day challenge and if you commit yourself to doing all of these things without cheating, not only you will know what makes happy people happy, but at the end of the challenge, you might also experience that happiness for yourself.

Day One: Practice Tolerance and Acceptance

Look around for things you find irritating, people who might act in nasty ways, events that might not be going as you would want them to go, and practice tolerance and acceptance toward them. Let them be as they are without trying to change them, without trying to interfere, and accept them completely.

"Acceptance of one's life has nothing to do with resignation; it does not mean running away from the struggle. On the contrary, it means accepting it as it comes, with all the handicaps of heredity, of suffering, of psychological complexes and injustices." -- Paul Tournier

Day Two: Practice Letting Go

On this day (only today, tomorrow you can go back to whatever it is you're holding on so tightly), let go of all the things that are toxic for you, whether they are toxic thoughts, behaviors or people... Just let them go. Let go of the need to chase success and money, let go of the need to chase after people's approval, let go of resentment, let go of the need to blame outside forces for whatever is missing in your life. Let go of it all and just be present with what is.

Day Three: Practice Forgiveness

On this day, think of all the people that mistreated you, all the horrible things that happened to you in the past, and practice forgiveness towards them all. Let go of the resentment, let go of past hurts, forgive those who have hurt you and forgive yourself for past mistakes.

On this day, commit yourself to forgiving everything and everyone and allow yourself to feel the peace that comes from doing that.

"Do not hold resentment. Do not get so mad at times when things are a little wrong. Remember that others have as much right to their opinions as self, but that there is a level from which all may work together for good." -- Edgar Cayce

Day Four: Practice Gratitude and Appreciation

Look for things to appreciate, in yourself, in others and in your life.

On this day, your main focus will be to express your gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful being that you are, for the many wonderful people and things that are present in your life -- for being loved and loving.

Maybe write a love note to your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or mistress. Let everyone know how much you love and appreciate them, and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Get creative, get spontaneous, get grateful.

Send flowers to your mother, grandmother, sister or cousin, and make sure you add an appreciation note in there.

Day Five: Practice Giving More and Expecting Less

Give more, expect less.

It doesn't necessary have to be material things that you give. A lot of times giving our time and attention to those we love could turn out to be one of the most beautiful gifts we have ever offered them.

Give more of your time to your life partner, your children, friends, family and coworkers. Give more of your knowledge, your expertise, you unique gifts and talents to others.

Give food to those in need, give some money and if you can't give them that, give them a silent blessing, give them your love and kind words.

Day Six: Practice Playfulness

Be silly, be weird, say whatever comes to mind (make sure it's not offensive to those around you), have fun.

Allow yourself to be playful and carefree as child. Dance, sing, be wild, be free. Laugh until your belly hurts and then laugh some more. Put some really good music and start dancing around the house. Don't think too much, just do it. Have fun!

Day Seven: Play the Role of Your Ideal Self

On this day, you will act as if all your dreams have come true, as if you have your whole life figured out, as if there is nothing you lack... as if you know it all, have it, are it all.

On this day, you will wear the costume of your ideal self. You will think like your ideal self, walk and talk like your ideal self, and live like your ideal self. On this day you have enough, you know enough and you are enough.

Today is the day you experience what it feels like to be the amazing person you dream your ideal self to be. Today you will live the ideal life you have dreamed to live.

Feel the feelings that come from being who you want to be and living life the way you want to live, because chances are that you will feel so good that you will never want to go back to the old you.

Bonus -- Day Eight: Put on Your Best Outfit and Go Out to Celebrate

Celebrate life, celebrate yourself and celebrate your accomplishment. You did it, you finished your seven-day challenge.

Now that you are done with your seven-day happiness challenge, do you think you can make these practices part of your daily life? Are you willing to give happiness a try?

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