Happy 6th Birthday, Twitter!

Can you believe it's already been six years since Twitter saw its first tweet?

Back in the day, Twitter was called "Twttr," and the momentous occasion was marked with a tweet posted by the microblogging network's co-founder and current executive chairman, Jack Dorsey.

Take a look at Dorsey's tweet (below):

Since then, Twitter has grown rapidly. The Next Web reports that "it took Twitter 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day to reach the first billion tweets, and it took about 18 months for the first 500,000 users to sign up."

Now it's become one of America's top social networks. Twopcharts estimates that the site had over 532 million registered users in February 2012.* According to Nielsen, as of December 2011, Twitter received an average of approximately 23.6 million unique visitors per month. Alexia.com ranks it as the ninth most popular site in the world, eighth most popular in the U.S. The most popular tweeter, Lady Gaga, enjoys a massive following of over 21 million users.

And with its recent March 12 acquisition of the microblogging service Posterous, we're sure there's still a lot in store for the social networking site.

So, here's to you, Twitter, on your sixth birthday! Thank you for giving us a way to spread important news, air complaints (about waiting in line for the new iPad, for example), share some funny words, and connect to others from across the globe.

Flip through the slideshow below to check out birthday wishes from the Twitterverse!

*UPDATE: The official Twitter blog has posted some fun stats to celebrate its birthday. Apparently, the service enjoys 140 million active users (of the estimated 532 million registered accounts). These users send 340 million tweets each day -- "That’s more than 1 billion every 3 days," according to Twitter.

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