Happy Anniversary Match.com -- Meet Their First Success Story

Twenty years ago last month, a brand-new dating website called Match.com was launched into the universe and radically changed how couples connected. In fact, it is estimated that 40 million Americans now partake in some kind of online dating service. (That's about 40 percent of single people in the United States.) Now, Match operates in 25 countries, eight languages and on five continents.

The same year that Match.com began, pioneering members Bill and Freddi found each other online. They met, sparks flew, they dated, moved in together and the couple married on January 1, 2000. "I've kissed a lot of frogs along the way to finding my prince," says Freddi who lives with Bill in California. Known as Match.com's first online dating success couple, Bill and Freddi Straus shared the story of their union. To learn more about the couple and read an interview with them, click to this story at Parade.com.