A 10-Year-Old Said He Didn't Have Any Friends To Invite To His Birthday Party. Boy, Was He Wrong.

Colin, a boy from Kalamazoo, MI, is turning 11 on March 9, and is in for a major birthday surprise.

It all started when a short conversation devastated his mother, Jennifer. Mom told WOOD TV that when she asked Colin what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said he didn't want a party. “Mom, who am I going to invite? I don’t have any friends,” he explained.

Colin was diagnosed with a disorder similar to autism about a year ago, the news outlet reports. Because of it, he has difficulty socializing.

So, mom took action. She created a Facebook page for family and friends to send Colin birthday wishes so he could see exactly how loved he is.

colin facebook

She wrote on the page's wall:

A few more friends show up than she expected. As of Tuesday evening, the page had more than 590,000 "likes" (with some help from Ellen DeGeneres!) and endless good wishes for Colin.

blake facebook

Jennifer doesn't plan on showing Colin the Facebook page until his birthday, so there is still plenty of time to add your own messages. Head over to Facebook to wish Colin a happy, happy 11th birthday!

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