Happy Birthday, Diego Rivera!!!!! (PHOTOS)

Today is the birthday of legendary muralist Diego Rivera. And it's a big one; he would be 125 years old today!

Rivera was a key founder of the Mexican Mural Movement, painting murals in Mexico City, Chapingo, Cuernavaca, San Francisco, Detroit, and New York City. His radical leftist imagery changed the game for political artworks. He was also a known womanizer, having 4 wives throughout his lifetime. His violently passionate love affair with Frida Kahlo remains a point of notoriety.

Rivera inspired the world with his revolutionary visual stories, but the man behind the artwork still remains somewhat of a mystery. An off-putting part of his autobiography reads:

"I believe that when man evolves a civilization higher than the mechanized but still primitive one he has now, the eating of human flesh will be sanctioned. For then man will have thrown off all of his superstitions and irrational taboos."

Cake, anyone?

Anyway... Happy birthday, Diego. We hope you enjoy our gift to you, a slideshow of your greatest hits. (It may not be as good as Google's gift, but whatever.)

Diego Rivera