2-Year-Old's Message For Her Papi Will Turn You To Mush

Meet 2-year-old Alexandria Sofia, a.k.a. "The Chech." Her interests include snacks, kisses, sports teams from Florida (the Gators, Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat) and Colombia, and reducing hundreds of thousands of total strangers to mush with birthday PSAs for her papi.

Amanda Martin, the toddler's mom, told BuzzFeed that dad alone was responsible for at least 500 views -- and explained on her blog:

I sat this little munchkin in a chair, and talked to her for about an hour about why she loved her Papi. That’s it! She brought up the Sports, She got excited about the Arepitas, and I just edited it all together!

We can only assume her message was inspired by fellow toddler Claire's irresistible recorded birthday message for her mother. Does the Internet have room for more than one delightful declaration of toddler love? Absolutely.

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