Happy Canada Day from ETP!

Happy Canada Day from ETP!
Happy Canada Day to all you Canadians out there, plus all the rest of you who love everything aboot us! Insert Celine Dion joke here! Take off, eh? Etc. This here video is of the Logdriver's Waltz, and if you have to ask, you
didn't grow up during the heyday of the National Film Board of Canada. Logrolling in our time!

p.s. Canada's national anthem, as rendered by a crowd of hockey fans.

p.p.s. But as far as national athems go, this'll do, too.

Update:Hat tip, it turns out, to BoingBoing, from whence came the vid via a proud Canadophile friend. BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow is Canadian, not unlike Graydon Carter, Bonnie Fuller, Malcolm Gladwell, John Roberts (not the judge who totally reversed Brown v. Board of Education, the one from CNN), Samantha Bee, Pat Kiernan, Sheelah Kolhatkar, Lorne Manly, Richard Siklos, Ali Velshi, and Norm Pearlstine's wife.

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