Happy Canada Day From The Hairless Prophet Of Doom

Whoo-hoo! It's July 1st, which means it's Canada Day, that day where maybe a smattering of people will remember to wear red and white but you won't know to ask them why, and besides, it's only three days 'til July 4th! Whoo-hoo! A great day, indeed. Today, Candians John Roberts and Ali Velshi were bantering on CNN's "American Morning," and though our old pal J.D. didn't mention it, even when exclaiming, "Wow! It's July 1st!" we know he was thinking it 'cause of his red tie.

But what he did mention was Velshi's fun new nickname, courtesy of Jon Stewart:: "The Hairless Prophet of Doom," thanks to all the fun stuff he had to say about the economy as CNN's Senior Business Correspondent. "Somehow, that seems so $100 a barrel," said Roberts. Ha, remember when everyone was watching the market to see when oil would hit that milestone? All off six months ago? That seems so quaint now in, seeing as yesterday it hit $143. Good times. Roberts suggested a new, more somber alternative: "How about 'The Ovoid Oracle of the Apocalypse?'" Well, he does come from a nation that calls its dollar coin a "Loonie." The point is, Velshi's head is indeed ovoid, and between the floods, fires, and the fact that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama actually had a pleasant phone call, it certainly does seem like the apocalypse is upon us.

So! A big shout-out to my fellow Canadians this Canada Day, including Bonnnie Fuller (good luck on the new venture!), Mark Lukasiewicz (good luck on that citizen journalist thing! You can't have Mayhill, she's ours!), Zev Shalev (good luck on the CBS Early Show - even though you were born in South Africa, I am pretty sure you count as Canadian). Plus Malcolm Gladwell, Graydon Carter, Sheelah Kolhatkar, Mort Zuckerman, Duff McDonald, Adam Sternbergh, David Rakoff, Ashleigh Banfield, Kevin Tibbles, Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Richard Siklos, Lorne Manly, Bruce Headlam, Paul Tough, Pat Kiernan, Jackie Meretzky, Joanna Hillman, Subrata De, Andrew Cohen, Dale Hrabi, Simon Houpt, Glynnis MacNicol, Verena von Pfetten, Adam Rose, Jeffrey Kaufman, Dipayan Gupta, Dahlia Lithwick, Nina Munk, Michelle Orange, Clive Thompson, David Frum, Cory Doctorow, Rachel Marsden, Mark Steyn and Celine Dion. That's a partial list.

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