'Happy Endings' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Why Are Brad And Jane Fighting? (VIDEO)

I already can't remember what happened on Groundhog Day (shadow? no shadow? does it matter?) -- I much prefer the way the "Happy Endings" gang decides when winter is over.

We've got an exclusive sneak peek at this week's "The Butterfly Effect Effect" (Wed., Feb. 22, 9:31 p.m. EST on ABC), which finds our favorite TV friends insanely pumped for Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane's (Eliza Coupe) annual "spring smackdown." Apparently their fights have become legendary for their impeccable timing -- whenever they start screaming, winter is over and Max (Adam Pally) will finally come out of hibernation.

Even in mock anger, Brad and Jane are freaking adorable. "Hey, do you think we should switch to paperless billing?" "I don't think I'm ready for that! I like having a hard copy for my records!" And this clip also gives us Alex's (Elisha Cuthbert) funniest line in a while: "It could be just like 'The Butterfly Effect.' That one little movie led to Ashton Kutcher doing a lot of bad movies."

Take a peek to see what else Brad and Jane fake fight about. (Note to writers: Can we please meet Jamal, Malik and LaDwenian? Thanks.)