'Happy Endings' Cast And Showrunners Would Consider A New Beginning

That would truly be a happy ending.

Three years ago, an ensemble sitcom about six friends living in a big city -- "Happy Endings," not "Friends," come on -- was canceled after three seasons. On Sunday afternoon, at a reunion panel during Vulture Festival, the cast and showrunners gave hope to a crowd of still-adoring fans that "Happy Endings" will get a happier ending.

"I think if someone would actually let us do [a new season] the real way, then we would do it," said show creator David Caspe. "But we have not gotten that offer." 

That's not to say there haven't been any offers. "A lot of the offers have been to do, like, six episodes shot on an iPhone ... it's not what anyone wants," Caspe told the audience. 

The cast and showrunners suggested they would be open to bringing the series back as a movie. "I think we'd all do anything," said Adam Pally, who played lovable grouch Max on the show. Then again, he deadpanned, "Usually when a show does a movie, it's a huge hit." 

Executive producer Jonathan Groff, meanwhile, made a play to the Hulu executives present at the panel -- the company sponsored the reunion panel -- joking, "There was a streaming service that had some kind of interest ... " to knowing laughter from the crowd.

If the sponsorship of the panel indicates that Hulu has some curiosity, at least, about reviving "Happy Endings," it wouldn't be out of left field. The streaming service successfully saved "The Mindy Project" after the sitcom was canceled on FOX, and its latest season for Hulu has been as high-quality as ever.

What would we have to look forward to? Well, the cast might have to clean up the pitches they tossed out at the panel. Pally's suggestions for his character included Max having AIDS (or not), Max and Penny having a baby together, and Max becoming a powerful figure in the Trump campaign. In a more family-friendly vein, Zachary Knighton, who played Dave, said he'd like to see his character become a cop.

Had the show not been canceled, Caspe and Groff suggested, a Season 4 might have explored a possible romantic pairing between Penny (Casey Wilson) and Dave, but who knows -- maybe the show will have that opportunity. Fingers crossed!

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