'Happy Endings': Colin Hanks Isn't As Cool To Hang With As Dave Thought (VIDEO)

Getting a liquor license turned out to be a great move for Dave on "Happy Endings" (Wed., 9:30 p.m. EST on ABC). Suddenly, he found his new "outdoor movable speakeasy" on the cover of local magazines listing cool hangouts in Chicago, and even luring in cool friends like guest star Colin Hanks. As the episode progressed and his success grew, Dave was surprised to see his old friends pulling away from him.

When Dave felt rejected by them, he started hanging out more with Colin and his intern. There he found a world of painfully boring stories, an intern with an insatiable desire for cocaine, and himself with an offer to move to Tampa -- apparently this Colin Hanks doesn't have a lot of close friends.

What Dave didn't realize was that his friends were acting distant because they were inexplicably all having sex dreams about him, except for Alex. As it turned out, her ridiculous cleanse routine that Penny bailed out on halfway through the episode, was the reason Alex was spared -- though at the same time, she's the only one who actually has slept with him.

What they found out is that it's a secret ingredient in his drinks, later revealed to be turpentine, that was leading to the overly uncomfortable dreams. Except for Penny, who was actually enjoying the romance of her fantasies. At the end of the episode, though, Alex came off of the cleanse, re-enacted her infamous rib-eating scene and then downed way more of Dave's drink than she should have. Her subsequent sex dream with him turned out to have actually been real.

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