24 Images That Will Give Meaning To Your Sad, Pointless Life (PHOTOS)

Sometimes life sucks.

But then happiness strikes.

And it looks like this hamster.
happy faces

Or like finding a friend who you thought you'd lost forever.

It's getting the chance to fly when walking wasn't an option.
happy faces

Or like coming in out of the cold.

It's making someone's day.
happy faces

And it's Jennifer Lawrence's family after the Oscars.

It's like sharing a laugh with something furry.

And loving whomever you want and making them yours.

It's this little guy who found a place to call home.

And it's overcoming the impossible.
happy faces

Happiness is this boy who laughed with the world and isn't letting hardships get him down.

And it's seeing all your hard work pay off (she's the first in her family going to college!).

It's this Trekker getting the nerdy proposal he's always dreamed of.
star trek wedding proposal photo

Happiness is PUPPIES!

It's seeing things from a different perspective.
happy faces

It's making time for what's important.

And becoming whatever you want to be (aka a panda).

It's about letting simple pleasures make you smile.
happy faces

And getting handed lemons but still living life to the fullest.
happy faces

Happiness is kissing a baby.
happy faces

It's realizing that love does conquer all.

Or getting to hold the center of your universe for the first time.
happy faces

It's laughing like no one is watching.

CLARIFICATION: This story originally contained a photoshopped version of the Star Trek marriage proposal photo. The unaltered photo has been put in its place. In addition, one photo has been removed from the story.