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Here are two things that really make me burst with pride. I'm not a die-hard fan of Lady Gaga but I can always count on her to bring out the hidden sissy in everyone from the US Army to cute, chubby kids to inventive Chatroulette users.

I'm also especially proud of how our gay sex brings out the crazy in anti-gay zealots everywhere. NOBODY is as obsessed with how gay people have sex as the people who claim to be disgusted by it. Thank God for people like Pastor Martin Ssempa, whose "eat da poo poo" rant lifted from Vanguard's "Missionaries of Hate" episode on Current TV went instantly viral.

See? Pride in some surprising places. But there's way more pride where that came from. Be sure to tune into Current TV TONIGHT at 10/9c for my special "infoMania" segment about Gay Pride -- I mean, Gay New Year.

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