Happy Mother's Day to My Mindful Mom, I Still Miss You

Dear Mom,

It's been 32 years since you left the earth and Mother's Day is still so hard for me. I was 24 years young when you died. Although I was an adult, I was still young enough to need you. And I still need you today. I wonder every day how different my life would be if you were here.

You planted the seed years ago of living a mindful life; Stopping to smell the roses, seeing the good in everything and everyone, being positive and happy is a choice. It is a choice that we make every day, consciously or unconsciously. I still see you dancing around the house to some of your favorite Broadway tunes, which were always playing in the background. Happiness is a choice that you made every day.

I want to share with you how thrilled I am to pass all I learned from you to children. I developed a curriculum around this mindfulness that you modeled for me and I taught my first class last week. We talked about gratitude, connecting with the earth, breathing and slowing down. We went on a journey through the forest and along the way found wonderful trees and butterflies and even a rainbow, which corresponded to yoga poses. Then I guided the kids in a meditation journey through a forest filled with gratitude and ending with a vibration of love. The children were able to experience amazing visualizations during the meditation. One girl said she saw a rainbow and the colors of the rainbow beamed right into her heart. While in the meditation I could feel your energy in the room. You were saying what you always said to me, "I am so proud of you."

We had a special bond around spirituality. You confided in me about your out-of-body experience when you were on the operating table with cancer... How you went to the light and then asked the universe to let you live till my baby brother was out of the house. The doctors told you three months. The universe gave you 10 years.


You told me your secret: "God is the garden," you said to me. I knew what you meant. If you want to connect with spirituality, go to the earth. You sang "Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day," every morning. Your voice signing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine," will always be in my heart. It never mattered what was happening on the outside; nothing stopped your positive spirit and your connection to peace. Because of you I am now teaching children and inspiring parents to do just that. I know the secret that you taught me so long ago, that peace is where the power lies. Because of you I meditate each morning to vibrate love to everyone I meet every day.

I remembered when you said to me, "If someone asks you, how you are, say "amazing!" Responding "good," was never good enough for you. I do that all the time and watch the look of surprise on peoples faces.

My two daughters, whom you never met, are shining examples of spirituality, positivity and love. Their lives are amazing, they follow their hearts and are caring, non-judgmental young adults. When I am in the room with them I feel your vibration of love in them. Even though you left the earth so many years ago, I still feel the love, your love, in them. The happiness, love vibration that you gave to me has been energetically passed down to them. The seed you planted years ago has been watered with love, sprinkled with sunshine and has blossomed!

Happy Mother's Day to my mindful mom and by the way I still miss you...