13 Of The Best Movies To Watch When You're In A Bad Mood

Go on, escape reality.

Feeling blue? Flip on your favorite films.

Not only do they trigger a feeling of nostalgia, they can also make you feel pretty joyful. Research shows your most beloved movies are irresistible to your brain. In other words, it's human nature to have the urge to re-watch films and television shows (admit it, you totally indulge in those "Friends" reruns).

Whether it's a cinematic masterpiece or the world's biggest guilty pleasure, a favorite film can transform your mindset. Behold, our picks of the best movies to watch when you're in a bad mood:

It's kind of silly, but smart and so appealing. The Paul Rudd of movies! And the soundtrack is '90s perfection. -- Meredith Melnick, Health Director

"A Goofy Movie"
Because I'm 8 years old and the ending is so good. And they are dogs! Like how hilarious is that? -- Chanel Parks, Associate Lifestyle Editor

"The Princess Bride"
At the risk of sounding like Stefon here, this movie has EVERYTHING. Pirates, swordplay, rodents of unusual size, Billy Crystal, true love! And I'm prepared to argue that in the history of film, there's never been a better line than "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." -- Abby Williams, Associate Social Media Editor

"27 Dresses"
I don't know if it's Jane's Type A demeanor that's incredibly similar to my own or Kevin's snarky commentary on the wedding industry, but this so-bad-it's-good romcom always makes me happy. It also helps that I know almost every single line in the movie and recite them as it goes along. It's pretty much a game to me at this point. -- Lindsay Holmes, Healthy Living Editor

"One Fine Day"
George Clooney + Michelle Pfeiffer + NYC = perfection. -- Rebecca Shapiro, Senior Lifestyle Editor

"Something's Gotta Give"
It has an A+ soundtrack and features many sartorial gems from the early millennium, like platform flip flops and flared white trousers. How could you NOT be happy after watching that? -- Lexi Tollefsen, Lifestyle Editorial Fellow

"The Wizard Of Oz"
Such a classic -- the black and white to color never ceases to amaze me. And it really does make you appreciate home a little bit more. -- Jessica Kane, Director of Millennial Outreach

"The Baby-Sitters Club"
Female friendships, '90s to the max, Ellen Burstyn as the cranky neighbor and this line: "They're not cool. We're cool, and don't you ever forget that." -- Erin Schumaker, Healthy Living Editor

"The Parent Trap"
It makes you feel like you're the third twin when you watch it. Also, throwback Dennis Quaid is pretty smokin', to be honest. -- Lexi Tollefsen, Lifestyle Editorial Fellow

"It's A Wonderful Life"
Cue tears and red wine while wrapping a big pile of Christmas presents. Every. year. -- Kate Palmer, Editorial Director, Lifestyle

"Center Stage"
COME ON. Dancing AND a love story? It doesn't get any better. -- Michelle Persad, Fashion Editor

"My Best Friend's Wedding"
It's just so charming, and the '90s style is in full force -- super baggy pants suits, crop tops and headbands. What more could you ask for? -- Rebecca Shapiro, Senior Lifestyle Editor

"When Harry Met Sally"
Anything Nora Ephron pretty much brings a smile to my face but ESPECIALLY this movie. The quintessential New York-ness, the chemistry and banter between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, the clothes, the ENDING. I love everything. -- Jamie Feldman, Associate Style Editor

With so many movies to choose from, we're sure we missed a ton of them. What movie always puts you in a better mood? Tell us in the comments below!

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