Happy Myanmar New Year 2016


They say that the Eyes
Are the keys to the soul ...

If Aware one can see
Things we try to control ...

All the Greed All the Hate
All the Anger Despair ...

All the Love All the Kindness
The Empathy and Care ...

For we each have a place
In this world where we live ...

And we each have a Choice
Do we take ? Do we give ?

Do we Live Life with Meaning ?
Can we Be at our Best ?

Do we crumble with Fear
Facing Life's many Tests ?

There is so much to Ponder
And just so much to Learn ...

Yet our Time here quite limited
Till we make our return ...

And move on in our Journeys
To wherever we go ...

How we go When we go
One though never quite knows ...

So today as we usher
The New Year in our Hearts ...

Let us try to Remember
Just how Vital our parts ...

That we play on this Stage
Of this Life really do ...

Make a Difference in Worlds
Both for ME and for YOU !

May all beings be Safe
May they be Happy
May they be Peaceful
May they be Free from Suffering ...

Happy Myanmar New Year 2016 !
Looking Forward to Brighter and Better Days for All


Soe Moe Lwin
2:11 pm