Happy New Life

"This very day can be the first day of your new life." ~ Robin Sharma

Recently, a high school classmate posted about the day in which he met his wife. He explained that it was the day that "dawned" his new life. And so, he wished his wife of twenty years, "Happy New Life Anniversary." I like many others, commented on his post and sent them my best wishes.

As I read the numerous remarks that were received, I smiled at the thoughts of defining moments. I came to realize, my life too had turning points that defined me as well. These extraordinary events not only altered my life, but helped me evolve and redefine myself. Although this process of evolution sometimes had me kicking and screaming at each new twist and turn, I came to appreciate the path as an adventure.

With my 60th birthday fast approaching, I guess I assumed I would no longer experience growing pains. With this assumption came the rude awakening that the evolution of mind, body and spirit does indeed cause pain -- regardless of age. Not only as it relates to physical sensations, but emotional and spiritual as well.

The old adage "No pain, no gain" truly is applicable in my case. It has in fact become a mantra professed on a daily basis. In my earlier years, these four words were most often expressed at the gym. The men with whom I trained would reference the saying whenever there was need to do so. As I endeavored to build my physique, I sometimes neglected other important aspects of my growth. It took a traumatic event for me to focus on my mind and spirit within.

What I have come to learn about growing pains is they appear to be layered. Very much like the proverbial onion peeling away at the layers, beginning with the skin. When the time is right, the layers peel away more easily. Only when the last layer of my being was lifted, did evolution occur and a new phase of awakening presented itself.

Learning to live again has been quite an experience. The setbacks and comebacks have provided lessons to acquire additional knowledge. Yet none have been as illuminating as developing my relationship with God. This bond forged of spirit has brought such a dramatic change in my life. It has allowed for the "aha" moments to occur. This journey to connect with my higher self has indeed allowed for me to evolve and heal.

There are days however when I still falter and realize there are many lessons yet to learn. My wise old grandmother once stated, "When she quit learning, it was time for her to close her eyes permanently."

I have finally come to understand all too well her meaning. The path to enlightenment is a journey and takes one step at a time. Reaching for knowledge is an important element -- understanding what you have learned is another. It does require a sense of responsibility for actions and a great deal of patience, too.

In these incredible experiences, I have grown to become a better person - an individual who cherishes a deeper connection to the Lord, family members, friends, and strangers alike. As this 60th birthday approaches, I plan not only to celebrate my day of birth, but this new life as well.