Read The Poem Bringing Happiness To People Across The World

Its journey from a Hasidic high schooler to viral fame is pretty cool, too.

This uplifting poem is opening hearts all over the world, from the Hasidic Jewish community of New York to the streets of London. Its cross-cultural message? That we can choose happiness each and every day by adjusting our point of view.

And its journey from a high school girl's pen to viral fame by way of a London bar and a downbeat Facebook status is pretty cool too.

A snapshot of the poem went viral on Twitter, Reddit and Imgur, where it was viewed 1.3 million times. Check it out below.

It's awesome because it quite literally shows how changing your perspective can change your feelings. Research suggests that external events don't control our happiness so much as our attitude, meaning we can actively cultivate joy and fulfillment.

Next, the poem cheered up Zachery Stephenson, an events promoter at London music venue Nambucca. He posted what he calls a "disappointed FB status," and a Facebook friend shared the poem in response.

"I thought it was profoundly uplifting," he told The Huffington Post. He deleted his negative post, printed out the poem and stuck it on Nambucca's wall. That's where Ronnie Joice took the photo he tweeted.

So what does Chanie think about her poem's popularity? Her father told us that she's working as a summer camp counselor out of state, and communication has been spotty.

"It seems to me that she is very gratified to have helped make so many people's day a little better," he said.

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