Pharrell's 'Happy' Gets Even Happier When It's Re-Written For Puppies

If you thought that the pinnacle of happiness was feeling "like a room without a roof," then you're in for an awesome surprise.

The Pet Collective has made Pharrell's hit song "Happy" even happier by re-writing the tune with a much more pup-centric set of lyrics.

With adorably dog-friendly lines such as "I might be waggy, but I want to play," and, "Wag along if you feel like your tail is chasing you," the "Puppy & Doggy Version" of Pharrell's upbeat anthem will give you a serious hankering for a cuddle and a fetch.

No matter what sort of day you're having right now, the video above will undoubtedly improve it.

Now with this gleeful song in your soul, go feel as happy and chic as a dog in shades.

happy with dogs