Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been an odd year, at least for me. I didn’t vote for the current guy in the White House and frankly, I’m appalled at what’s now going on in our country. Predatory behavior is being alleged regarding a growing number of men and I’ll bet we’ve not even begun to scratch the surface. And now the new guy is supporting the candidacy of an alleged predator of teenage girls.

I’ve been writing a series of sorts to the new guy which as of his endorsement of the alleged predator will now end. I did not plan to write anything at all but he did or said something that sent me over a cliff and there I was, writing to someone who couldn’t care less what I said or what I thought. To see and hear him the other day talk about how the alleged predator has never admitted anything so that was apparently good enough for him. Never mind the heart and gut-wrenching testimony by the women, then young girls. Never mind the truth.

Never mind decency or compassion. Never mind that former law enforcement was allegedly instructed to keep the alleged predator from local girls. No. The alleged predator must be believed. It’s a convenient position from a guy with his own alleged sexual predations. It’s disgusting beyond belief and he’s not ashamed, not ashamed at all, of his support for this cretin.

I really believe that this is out of our hands now. At some point, the walls will cave in on the new guy and we’ll be left with whatever mess he leaves in his wake. But until then commenting any further on this guy only keeps me upset and overwrought. Because irrespective of the damage he does to the country and/or the world, it cannot be worse than watching him do everything but verbally endorse an alleged predator.

The number of survivors is so large that election night one year ago potentially triggered over half the nation, myself included. In fact, it was several months before I could watch any news or any late night shows. I couldn’t even hear anyone complain or joke about him. It was one thing to read headlines, but I couldn’t open any of them to read what they reported. As a survivor, I was that traumatized by what happened.

What I saw and heard from the new guy has left me convinced that until Mr. Mueller indicts the lunatic, we’re stuck with him, and I can’t handle three more years of this nightmare. It simply cannot be that this fool is our president and yet somehow he is.

For the record, I believe the accusers of both the new guy as well as the guy he just endorsed. I’ve been in their position and I know what it’s like to not be believed. It’s an aloneness that never ends. It’s knowing that you’ll never be safe again and to hear this crap now only reinforces that belief.

I’ve tried not to let it cast a shadow over this wonderful day of Thanksgiving, but I have admittedly failed. So it ends here. No more focus on predators. Especially the new guy.

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