Happy Thoughts, Change the Channel in Your Mind

Have you ever thought happy? It's funny how our minds are inundated with thoughts and visions on a daily basis. It's important to shift our attention to happiness and joy. We must make an effort to choose joy and surround ourselves with people who manifest happiness, joy and success. Removing negative influences from your life will many times cause it to improve. Tuning and weeding out ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us, help us to evolve as who we are. It's important to surround ourselves with people we want to model or strive to be like and to make an effort to improve everyday. I've been reading The Answer by John Assaraf, it's focus is neural reconditioning and choosing the thoughts that enter your mind. Check out his site here: John Assaraf.

Thought leaders have to consciously choose their lives, by making an effort for a desired outcome. What you think about and focus on, makes a huge difference. I recommend affirmations daily: I am Happy, I am Rich, I am Successful etc.