Hard Lessons!

Hey, right-wing corporate hate machine!

Go ahead! Win the day!

Cut health care! Abolish the FDA! Strip education!

Let seniors "fend for themselves"! Let returning soldiers, rife with PTSD and unemployment rot!

Embrace the über wealthy! Jettison the über poor!

Let the middle class shrivel and die!

Hoard your profits, gained from cutting wages, doing away with retirement benefits and outsourcing jobs!

Hoard your profits, gained from wars fought for oil!

Divide countrymen and countrywomen from each other! Demonize art, sexuality and the intellect!

Pretend like race is a "non issue"!

Lie like hell! Distract and connive!

And sooner than later cut your own throat and the throats of all those people who have the misfortune to be born into the world you've won and made in your own, craven image!

Turn this once noble land into a strip-mined strip-mall!

Ignore history!

And at some point, the lesson will be learned. Again!