11 Impossibly Difficult Job Interview Questions

Ever had to sit through a 5-hour interview filled with team projects, skills tests and a question-and-answer period in front of five company managers? If not, be grateful.

For while many job interviews can be rough, there are a select few so difficult that applicants should be excused for any mid-discussion meltdowns. And nowhere is the interview process more tough than at consulting firm McKinsey & Company, according to Glassdoor, a jobs and career online site that released its rankings of the most difficult job interviews on Friday.

Thoughtworks, Boston Consulting Group, Gartner and Bain & Company round out the top five companies with the most difficult job interviews, in that order.

Glassdoor based its report on tens of thousands of interview reviews posted to its website over the last year. And within those reviews, Glassdoor discovered some ridiculously difficult interview questions. Check them out below: