Hard Work and Clear Goal: The Mission of Anand Mishra

Anand Mishra, the CEO and founder of Star Infranet under the registered trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. innovated a new concept of business in the IT industry. Since 2010, from the very beginning of foundation, the company under his leadership has been paving its way smoothly and has already crossed many significant milestones. This development of the company has become possible not only for his out-of-the box thinking and innovative ideas but also for his extraordinary tenacity to reaching the target.

While most of the other IT companies depend on B2C concept of business, Mr. Mishra discarded the traditional path and followed the way of B2B to reach to the consumers. Mishra, A graduate and planning to pursue CFA from CFA Institute of America is always ambitious and is striving for the perfection of his work. He is also keen in original ideas for achieving success. According to him, the ideas can be materalize by hard work and clear concept of goal.

By applying his B2B concept of business, Mr. Mishra has gained over 4000 dealers all over the country. As the CEO of the company he is improving his skills and knowledge constantly. In the same time, the business of the company is also expanding its branches in different sides. Because of his professionalism, knowledge and leadership he managed to accomplish all his projects successfully. However he says, he owes all his success to his team of highly qualified professionals.

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