Hark, Netflix Will Release An Official 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack

They gotta let us know ... when it's coming out.

Netflix’s delightful amalgam of ‘80s film tropes, “Stranger Things,” has picked up something of a cult following since its mid-July release.

Giving Winona Ryder a platform to shine in her performance as young Will Byers’ mother, the show follows a small Indiana town’s attempt to locate the missing Will amid other eerie local happenings. A lively soundtrack of classic rock hits by The Clash, Joy Division and others fleshes out the scene ― and provides a week’s worth of earworms.

This week, the streaming service tweeted the news that fans can look forward to an official soundtrack in the near-ish future.

Like Netflix’s official “Orange Is the New Black” and “House of Cards” soundtracks before it, the album for “Stranger Things” will likely include the series’ synth-tastic theme music ― created by Austin, Texas, electronic group Survive ― and a mix of ‘80s jams.

And in the meantime, we’ll have to settle for a Spotify playlist:

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the group Survive was from Los Angeles, California, when they actually hail from Austin, Texas.

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