'Harlem Shake Gone Wrong': Fiery Explosion Could Easily Have Killed These Complete Morons (VIDEO)

As far as viral memes go, the "Harlem Shake" is pretty much dead. And when these latecomers decided to incorporate what looks like a firecracker and a canister of something flammable into their rendition -- well, frankly, they narrowly avoided the same fate.

Not to spoil things too much, but the guy that starts off the video, bopping on the hood of the car, literally walks into an explosion about 25 seconds in. Then, when the blast knocks over the red drum and sets it on fire, he appears to throw water on it. Bad idea.

Is it suspicious that someone left a canister of flammable liquid on the hood of the car, or just plain stupid? Despite an off-screen woman's incessant screaming, one almost has to wonder if this video is some big setup.

Reddit user bikarmakin seemed to think something was amiss, noting, "Everything just seems off. My guess is that it's half fake. They meant it to go awry, but really did get a little freaked out at how difficult it was to put out the flames."

User RxJano posted the video to YouTube on May 9. It's a minute or so in length, which is twice as long as the standard Harlem Shake format. Reliably, someone edited it into the 30-second format, (below) which arguably works better than the original.




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