'Harlem Shake' In Los Angeles: Mayoral Candidate Emanuel Pleitez, Power 106 & UCLA Join The Fun (VIDEO)

Angelenos have been very busy this past week uploading their own takes of the "Harlem Shake" meme to YouTube. Workplaces from Power 106 to mayoral candidate Emanuel Pleitez's campaign are letting loose to the catchy Baauer tune. University kids are also repping: you'll find UCLA, USC, Chapman University, Cal Poly Pomona, LA Film School and Cal State Los Angeles in the Harlem Shake slideshow below.

But what exactly is the Harlem Shake? Well, officially it's a dance move that involves "involves pivoting the shoulder out while popping the other shoulder out at the same time," according to site Know Your Meme. But these Harlem Shake videos are so much more than that. They all start with someone in a mask dancing alone in a room full of people. But when the beat drops, everyone joins in with their own wacky costumes and dance moves -- preferably with a lot of hip thrusts.

Angelenos did it everywhere: on the Metro, on a helicopter landing pad, on fountains, at the gym and in their apartments. And in case you feel a little late to the party, check out these Harlem Shake videos that "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" debuted last night. Yes, Harlem Shake probably already peaked but hey -- it's better than any more "Gangnam Style" parodies.

Watch the videos in the slideshow below (it's easy! They're all about 30 seconds long) and let us know in the comments below who rocked "Harlem" hardest.

Los Angeles Does The 'Harlem Shake'
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