'Harmony': Prince Charles Of Wales' New Environmental Film Is A Call For Action (VIDEO)

This Friday, a new call for environmental action will take place. NBC will be premiering the documentary "Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World." The film is narrated by environmental activist Prince Charles of Wales. Capturing scenes from around the world, the film travels from organic farms to rainforests, and even features rare footage of a 1988 interview with Al Gore.

The film is directed by Stuart Sender, who also directed the Oscar-nominated film "Prisoner of Paradise." He produced the film with his wife, Julie Bergman Sender. They believe that the best thing to do is not go back to nature so much as move "forward with nature." The producers found strength in the Prince -- he made sure that the film was not so much about him, as it was about the principles that he cherishes.

Ultimately, this film is a call for not just a nation, but the entire world to unite. As Prince Charles says, "Our children and grandchildren will ask not what our generation said, but what it did. So let us give an answer for which we can be proud."

"Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World," airs November 19th on NBC. Visit TheHarmonyMovie.com for more information.

WATCH the trailer: