Harnessing Your Mature Playboy

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Imagine Living Life Unbound...


It’s rare for me to resonate so fully with a person AND their message on the soul level of my being. And yet when I do, it’s an instant recognition. A re-membering. A soul spark.

When I read Kristian Stephan-Martin’s new “Unbound” website something inside of me immediately lit up. I could feel and see the clear authentic presence of someone who is embodying their message and living life well outside the box of ordinary. Who is truly practicing what they teach and having a damn good time doing it.

Part of my soul’s mission is to inspire people to live an unbound authentic life, free from their shackles of shame, and to shine light on the nuances of what it means to live an authentic soul led life.

With that, it’s an honor to share the work of other conscious heart-based emerging leaders who are bringing in this new wave of soulful consciousness to the planet and ushering in the new paradigm through their own unique style and message.

The following is written by Kristian Stephan-Martin.

What Is “Harnessing Your Mature Playboy”?

“Harnessing Your Mature Playboy, is a movement based workshop for both men and women, designed to help you embody the very unique playfulness, free spirited, and sexual nature that is YOUR mature playboy.

It is about connecting to your playful, free spirited heart, AND the electric sexual aliveness that runs through you.

And importantly doing it with an energy of maturity, honesty, and integrity according to you.

The Mature Playboy Archetype

Typically, the term 'playboy' has a negative connotation. One of sleaziness and manipulation. Clearly, that's not what this is about.

The Mature Playboy archetype has an air of flirting. Flirting with all of life. Playing, being spontaneous, cheeky, nudging up against boundaries, all the while being connected to your hearts integrity.

When you break down 'play' and 'boy', these two terms are highly important in the development of men.

The healthy nature of both the boy and girl IS one of play, of fun, of wonderment and love for the world, and spontaneity and cheekiness. This spirit brings the child, and the world, many gifts. In healthy human progression, this heart and spirit is acknowledged and carried into adulthood where it is integrated with us as we become a man or a woman that connects with the world and creates from a place of an open heart.

However in modern culture our playfulness and our heart often gets cut off and shut down through a number of 'cut off points', i.e. becoming a teen, playing sports, entering the corporate world.

In particular with boys, we get told things like "straighten up," "harden up," "don't be a pussy," and "quit messing around and get some work done," beating our very healthy spirit and expression of emotion out of us, or more aptly, deep down inside of us where we hold it like a knot.

As girls, perhaps our play and our heart gets limited by being told we should play a certain way. "Don't do that, that's what boys do," or "That's not very lady like." We get shaped, molded, and restricted of our expression.

Likewise goes for our sexual nature as Western culture has very poor practices at helping both boys and girls, men and women, to connect to their NATURAL and POWERFUL sexual energy.

Our sexual energy is wildly creative and potent. It is an energy that has personally brought me more aliveness in my body, more expression, has helped me ground and manifest visions and dreams into physical reality, and is simply a whole heap of fun to be connected to.

The Workshop Experience

This workshop is about connecting to these two centres: our heart centre and our sex centre, using music and movement. It’s a personal journey with yourself where you will connect in with YOUR own unique integration of play and sexuality. It is NOT about returning to your inner child. It is about the essence of Play and Sexual power as an adult today.

It’s important to understand that this is a journey with yourself. During the movement part of the workshop there is no touch or interaction with other people.

You will connect to YOUR unique sense of play, cheekiness, fun, flirtatiousness, and sexual energy.

Upcoming Events

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