Harold Camping's Family Radio Goes Quiet With May 21 Actually Here

Harold Camping's Family Radio Stays Quiet

For all the hype leading up to this, countless broadcasts and a sprawling nationwide campaign, the airwaves of Christian station Family Radio are oddly silent with May 21, 2011 finally here.

Harold Camping, president of Family Radio and a multimillionaire, has also been quiet, as the hours tick and signs of an apocalypse are nowhere to be found.

Reuters reports Family Radio has been airing "recorded church music, devotionals and life advice unrelated to the apocalypse" throughout today. The station's website typically allows you to listen live, but the feature has been having problems today, likely due to server overload.

Camping and his group of believers had said repeatedly in past days that the rapture on May 21 was a certainty.

The non-profit Family Radio, based in California, has been a primary driver to spread the word. The non-stop promotion has gone so far that the station changed the HTML Title Name of its website to "Family Radio (FR) Worldwide - Judgment Day: May 21, 2011."

Find live updates on the predicted rapture here and why this probably isn't the end here.

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