Harold Ford Is Barely Making It Without His Merrill Lynch Salary

Harold Ford Is Barely Making It Without His Merrill Lynch Salary

Harold Ford is looking to assert some middle class bona fides with the New Yorkers who would propel his out-of-state candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat there. His latest effort involves this interview with the New York Post's Cindy Adams, in which Ford attempts to connect with the common folk of New York, living in the naked city, as paupers:

"Now I've taken a 45-day unpaid leave of absence from my job at Merrill Lynch. It's not right to draw a salary when I'm out every day campaigning. Fortunately, I've still got a little NYU teaching job and some MSNBC, so for a while I think I can put food on the table."

Let's hope that little NYU teaching thingy and "some MSNBC" and, you know, being the scion of a prominent political family is enough to tide Ford over, lest we see him hangin' in a chow line! Still, one has to ask: who is paying for Ford's pedicures? The LiveStrong Foundation?

Also, you just have to love how he describes his "public service" activities to Cindy Adams, News Corp. employee:

I've always looked for ways to contribute. I'm into philanthropy. I teach at NYU. I work with Fox News. I'm on a leadership council.

So, there you have it: Harold Ford is the sort of fellow who believes working for Rupert Murdoch constitutes "public service." (Actually, this is in no way surprising.)

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